CryptoBrawl student contest

Rejestracja zespołów zaczyna się 31.10 na stronie, a same zawody - dwuetapowe - startują 7.11.

COMMON Polska organizes this year’s edition of the CryptoBrawl student contest.

IBM Polska acts as the technological partner for the event and provides cloud infras-
tructure to run this hackathon. In turn, the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and
Mechanics of the University of Warsaw again undertakes scientific patronage follow-
ing its role during the previous releases. This letter provides you with details which
might be interesting to you and your students. The CryptoBrawl competition is first and foremost an invitation extended to students of various specialties to have scientific fun together and to take a look at the usefulness of modern data analysis techniques in everyday life. No particular view or
a technique is imposed. After the success that the competition experienced in 2021, receiving interest among students from more than 40 countries, this year we again propose to focus on cryp-
tocurrencies. The reason then is at least 3-fold: it is still a hot topic worldwide that
attracts a lot of attention amid generations, but due to the high intrinsic volatility, it
offers both opportunities for supposed gains and risk of losses. Implicitly it yields the
third reason: the need to raise social awareness of inherited risks related to investing
in this type of assets.

Any mixed techniques are allowed in the confrontation, since strategies will be as-
sessed solely based on the results: the value of the assets portfolio at the end of each
round will uniquely determine the ranking position. Therefore, this is not a competi-
tion only for prepared traders, financiers, mathematicians, programmers, data ana-
lysts, or machine learning experts. Paraphrasing the words of C.P. Snow (and a Polish
physicist, Professor Iwo Białynicki-Birula), we would like this to be yet another attempt
to bridge the gap between two cultures: exact sciences and humanities.
Whether this comes true, we will find out soon as the registration stage for 3-person
teams opens on October 31st. Please do feel invited.